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Backflow Inspection System


Backflow Inspection System is a software application designed specifically for waste water treatment plants. It provides an easy to use inspection system that allows the facility to maintain records for backflow devices, inspection dates, pretreatment capacity, storm water, grease tanks, industrial pretreatment, sewer inspections, history view, potable water, etc. Also includes a wide variety of document management files.  Integrates easily with Microsoft Office and Auto Cad.   Live demo click here.


Search Pro Utility


Search Pro is a customized fast search engine that enables files to be found on either a local PC or LAN. Speed,  performance, and ease of use are guaranteed. Search Pro will help eliminate the unnecessary steps and frustration to locating much needed files and data.


File Backup Utility (coming soon...)


File Backup Utility is designed to perform manual backups and restorations. This utility has the ability to synchronize both source and destination files with the click of the button. Additionally, it will restore the proper version with the click of the button. Backups are mirrored  real time and will synchronize automatically for the next backup. Ideal for file servers and personal folders. This utility will saves time with  daily operation and allows securing files in additional locations.


Office Manager (coming soon...)


Office Manager allows communication in the office and on an entire LAN with a tray task application.  Real-time chat, queue messages, and the ability to obtain vital PC information in real-time are some of the features available with this application. Communicating and troubleshooting PC issues have never been easier!

Click here for a demo. 



Alpha-Omega Computers, Inc Extended Features Packages:

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(Additional packages include:  Search String Wizard, Browse Wizard filters, Animated Help such as those used on our website, Image Management, and Document Management)


Specialty Add-On Packages:

Full security administrator modular to allow control over users and user groups.

Crystal Reports (Unlimited user license with our application)

List and Label (Unlimited user license with our applications)







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