Alpha-Omega Computers, Inc. is dedicated to providing fast, reliable, and cost effective solutions to aid business growth and success in today's market. We use the tools of tomorrow for today's needs. Honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic are always our way of doing business.



Alpha-Omega Computers, Inc is a registered systems builder and independent software vendor accepted by Microsoft. Alpha-Omega provides support and solutions based on Microsoft platforms such as  the windows server family and MS Office. Alpha-Omega is also approved to provide sales, support, and configuration on the small business server family line. We can assist and provide demo products, literature, white papers, or anything else the may be required.




Alpha-Omega Computers, Inc. has partnered with Pelco to deliver surveillance solutions. Pelco is the industry leader in surveillance technology. Our software and networking solutions integrate seamlessly with Pelco products to provide complete turn key packages.



















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